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Welcome to the official site of russian rock-group
«Orgy of The Righteous»


As a classical Russian quote goes, “One cannot embrace the unembraceable”. As Russian band “Orgia Pravednikov” proves, this thesis is false.

The name itself shows the ambivalent nature of the band. Their music expands this tendency even further: while genre-crossing is not essentially new, the eagerness to employ a different genre or style for each and every song is what separates Orgia Pravednikov from the pack. Their ordinary album can easily host a heroic metal ballad; an experiment in death metal, sung in Old Slavic language and accompanied by a Rakhmaninov-esque cello; a folk-rock song including new-wave keyboards which unexpectedly turns to a SKA piece with brass section, followed by a vocalize of an operatic tenor; and much, much more.

The band’s history mirrors its ambivalence. In late 1999, a prog-rock band ARTel and classical guitarist Sergei Kalugin (already renowned for his dark-folk album “Nigredo”, 1994), joined forces. A year after they adopted the name “Orgia Pravednikov” (“Orgy of the Righteous”) which was proposed by the audience being asked what did their music sound like. The original line-up was maintained since the beginning; a notable achievement for the ever-unstable Russian rock scene.
The unity of opposites in Orgia Pravednikov is evident. Their melodic, lyrical side is represented by Sergey Kalugin (lead vocal and acoustic guitar) and Yuri Ruslanov (flute, keyboard, mandolin, fretless bass, backing vocals). On the other hand, Alexey Burkov (electric guitar, backing vocals), Artemy Bondarenko (bass guitar, double bass, growling vocals), and Alexander Vetkhov (drums) represent the “heavy element” of progressive rock. The creative struggle between the two gives birth to the unique and enchanting music.

Possibly the most common question to any band is, “Who inspired your music?” In case of Orgia Pravednikov, the list of inspirations would be quite long and include various epochs and genres. Immense polyphony of baroque music; alternating rhythms of progressive rock; beautiful, flowing melodies of classical romance; heavy metal riffs of distorted electric guitar – these are only a few of components of Orgia Pravednikov’s diversified work. Their lyrics are filled with cryptic symbolism related to the philosophical and mystical traditions of the world, both Western and Eastern.

Operating and combining such multifaceted and varying components is rather a challenging task; even more complicated would be blending them into amazing works of art, equally enjoyable for the professionals in music and for the whole audience of musical gourmets. The band’s success with this task was already recognized by the Russian public, as well as journalists from Canada, Italy, Brazil, and Great Britain. Recently their song “Nasha Rodina – SSSR” was voted #10 of the best 500 songs of the largest national rock radio station “Nashe radio”.

As for now, Orgia Pravednikov has accomplished the sound it has been striving for since its first days.
We’re happy to present this sound to you now.
Welcome to our Orgia.